Organic Emporium

Brilliant writer/blogger/business owner, Debbie Logan endeavours to make eating organic an affordable and accessible lifestyle for the people of Jozi. It is her passion to purvey produce that has been grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers in well nourished soil. Debbie has been known to stimulate debate on what organic truly is to bring the consumer and farmer in closer relationship. She fervently empowers the consumer with crucial information and is committed to doing the exhaustive research to ensure the highest quality products. Naturally, her staff has been handpicked with the same careful consideration she applied to selecting her suppliers.  Custom Image Library was appointed to capture Debbie in action, the goings-on at Organic Emporium Whole Foods, as well as the essence of the people that make the experience there the ‘happy place’ that it’s customers refer to it as. 

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